Community Solutions Foundation (CSF), a not-for-profit Organization that was founded in 2010 and operates in Rwenzori region, western Uganda with an aim of mobilizing community consciousness for response to the HIV/AIDS scourge, improved livelihoods, respect, promotion and protection of human rights and general community development.
CSF was founded by a group of young community development workers who were inspired by empathy and compassion to fight for the rights of women, youth and children in Uganda.

A society in Uganda where all people live dignified lives and are free to actively participate in the development of their communities.
Promote efforts of communities in Uganda to respond to marginalization, economically sustain themselves, uphold and fulfill their potential, co-exist peacefully and harmoniously live with their natural Environment.

Our goal is to mobilize support for the most vulnerable of communities, including youth, children and women, people living with HIV and AIDS as well as minority community groups and support the full realization of their rights.
Honesty, Voluntarism, Transparency, Teamwork, and Commitment

Strategic Objectives

  1. To build capacity of communities and enable access by vulnerable minority and key population groups to adequate information and services for HIV and AIDS and reproductive health and develop sustainable community based initiatives in response to HIV and AIDS.
  2. To promote Human Rights and peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution amongst the local communities.
  3. To equip smallholder farming communities with knowledge and skills in improved agronomic practices for improved agricultural production and marketing, food security and sustainable livelihoods.
  4. To create community awareness on the democratization processes, social accountability and good governance and in Uganda.
  5. To design and implement programmes and activities intended to protect and manage the Natural environment and promote sustainable development.

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